Large Tulip Vessel


  • Image of Large Tulip Vessel
  • Image of Large Tulip Vessel
  • Image of Large Tulip Vessel

The decorative 'Tulip Vase' depicts a stylised organic form of the tulip flower alongside geometric patterns, in a bold primary colour palette with the addition of a delicate pink. The design is repeated around the vessel. Internally it has a splatter decoration.

The vessel is hand built using a mixture of slab building, as well as coiling techniques. It is built from a white earthenware clay and hand painted using vibrant coloured underglazes.

The piece is stamped on the base with the Jeff Josephine Designs logo.

The vessel measures approx: 12cm (height) x 19cm (width)

Pictured with a Mustard and Dash Wee Planter. Also available online.

This piece is a one-off.

Please note, all my ceramic items are handmade and hand painted making them one of a kind. The picture is for illustrative purposes, as no two will be identical. Please allow for slight imperfections in the work, it adds to their charm.

Copyright © Josephine Designs 2019

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