July Print - Sunflower


  • Image of July Print - Sunflower
  • Image of July Print - Sunflower
  • Image of July Print - Sunflower
  • Image of July Print - Sunflower

'Sunflower' is the seventh print in my 2019 Print Project.

It is a 5 colour linocut print depicting a Sunflower seed packet illustration.
Designed and printed by Sophie.

The print is a limited edition of 19.
Each print has been editioned and signed.
Paper size: 19cm x 23cm
Image size: 10cm x 14cm

Sunflowers are one of those quintessential summer time flowers, a golden halo of petals surround their saucer like centres. From single towering stems in your garden or allotment, to vast fields of these bright happy flowers, they never fail to bring a smile.

I've enjoyed experimenting this month with a slightly different colour palette and embracing the textures and imperfections found within the printing process to create a more rustic look, like a sun bleached image found on an old seed packet from long ago. 

Each print is hand burnished using a wooden spoon. I use oil based inks for their longevity and vibrant colour. I have printed onto Japanese paper.

*The pictures are to illustrate design and colour. Due to the nature of the printing process, all prints have slight variations in depth of colour and placement.*

Sold unframed.

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