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  • Image of Garden Decorations
  • Image of Garden Decorations

For those green fingered types, here is a wonderful set of hand made ceramic garden themed decorations for your home. Perfect to hang up in your home all year round, or as novel Christmas tree decorations.

Each decoration is individually cut out of earthenware clay by hand, sanded and bisque fired. They are then hand painted with vibrant coloured underglazes and fired once again.

Each decoration is finished with jute twine.

You can buy the decorations individually or as a set of 5 in a wonderful natural card gift box.

Smallest (Trowel) 8cm x 3cm
Largest (Radish) 8.5cm x 5.5cm

Due to the hand painted nature, they are all a one off item and therefore no two will be the same.

Please allow for small imperfections in my hand made ceramics, it adds to their charm!

Image of Tulip Society - Brooch
Sold out
Tulip Society - Brooch
Image of Rowan Bar - Broooch
Rowan Bar - Broooch
Image of Merry Berry - Brooch
Merry Berry - Brooch
Image of Sprig - Brooch
Sold out
Sprig - Brooch
Image of Hare - Brooch
Hare - Brooch
Image of Rowan Sprig - Brooch
Rowan Sprig - Brooch
Image of Rowan Dish
Rowan Dish
Image of Rowan Candle Collar
Rowan Candle Collar
Image of Tulip Candle Holder
Tulip Candle Holder
Image of Keep the Home Fires Burning - Candle Holder
Keep the Home Fires Burning - Candle Holder
Image of Scalloped Candle Holder
Scalloped Candle Holder
Image of Greenhouse Plaques
Greenhouse Plaques
Image of Radish Club - Brooch
Sold out
Radish Club - Brooch
Image of Radish Pot
Sold out
Radish Pot
Image of Ra-Dish
Sold out
Image of Large Tulip Vessel
Large Tulip Vessel
Image of Pea Pod Dish
Sold out
Pea Pod Dish
Image of Pea Pod Pot
Sold out
Pea Pod Pot
Image of Lily of the Valley Planter
Sold out
Lily of the Valley Planter
Image of 2019 Decorations - Large
On sale
2019 Decorations - Large
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