• Image of May - Mini Print Project
  • Image of May - Mini Print Project
  • Image of May - Mini Print Project
  • Image of May - Mini Print Project
  • Image of May - Mini Print Project

For 2017 I've set myself the Mini Print Project.
Every month I will design and print a mini botanical themed print.
Each print will be a linocut.
The print itself will be no larger than A5.
Each print will be a limited edition of 10.

Here is the May print:

The print is a three colour linocut.
Each print has been editioned and signed.
Paper size: 15cm x 22cm
Image size: 9cm x 15cm

May is a bountiful month in the British Countryside, full of fresh green shades and a plethora of wild flowers. I couldn't help but notice the abundance of wild garlic this year. We went on a walk through local woods, where we were surrounded by a snowy blanket of frothy delicate white flowers, against a sea of lush green foliage, this plant just seems to optimise this fruitful month of May.

The foliage of wild garlic is simple and bold with is it's large leaves, however the flowers clustered on long stems are intricate and complex. I felt the background needed to be bold and graphic to contrast and help emphasise, these organic forms. Initially yellow hadn't been a colour I'd intended to use, however it seemed to work well with the green giving it that overall fresh feeling I was aiming for.

The pot again I felt needed to be simple to let the flower forms steel the show and this particular pot was based upon a ceramic beaker by Rachel Cox Ceramics from her Tinto range.

(One of her vases from the same range is picture in the 4th photo.)

Each print is hand burnished using a wooden spoon. I use oil based inks for their longevity and vibrant colour.

*The pictures are to illustrate design and colour. Due to the nature of the printing process, all prints have slight variations in depth of colour and placement. In particular in this print I've allowed the pot element to have a mottled effect and not a solid even print.*

I print on paper that has a watermark. Very occasionally this may be visible on a print. I will only include the print in the edition if I feel the watermark is not detracting from the image.

Sold unframed.

Sold Out