• Image of February - Mini Print Project
  • Image of February - Mini Print Project
  • Image of February - Mini Print Project

For 2017 I've set myself the Mini Print Project.
Every month I will design and print a mini botanical themed print.
Each print will be a linocut.
The print itself will be no larger than A5.
Each print will be a limited edition of 10.

Here is February's print:

The print is a two colour linocut.
Hand finished with gouache.
Each print has been editioned and signed.
Paper size: 15cm x 22cm
Image size: 9cm x 15cm

February always seems like an in-betweeny month to me. It doesn't hold as much of the fresh new year thinking of January, and you're still a little far away from the vibrant new shoots of spring. Picking a flower for this month proved a little tricky. I had a few in mind, but I chose a Hellebore. There are so many beautiful variations of colours and varieties of this plant. They are striking and bold, and one of the few bringing any colour to the garden at this time of the year. I felt that the dark purple Hellebores with almost black leaves, summed up the wintery month of February nicely.

The yellow ochre background was initially a little controversial in my mind. Despite the fact I love the colour yellow (a mustardy hue to be exact), I wasn't sure if February was really a yellow month. However, I felt it worked as such a lovely contrast to the dark flowers and foliage of the Hellebore, allowing the architectural form of the plant to really be seen.

Finally, I chose to hand paint the flowers. Hellebore flowers have such wonderful details. Some are a solid block colour, but others look like they have been sponged or sprayed with colour, others seem a little stripy. Painting these allowed me to recreate this intricate detail and soften the flowers.

Each print is hand burnished using a wooden spoon. I use oil based inks for their longevity and vibrant colour.

*The pictures are to illustrate design and colour. Due to the nature of the printing process, and hand painted elements, all prints have slight variations in depth of colour and placement.*

Sold unframed.

Sold Out