• Image of December - Mini Print - LAST ONE
  • Image of December - Mini Print - LAST ONE
  • Image of December - Mini Print - LAST ONE

For 2017 I've set myself the Mini Print Project.
Every month I will design and print a mini botanical themed print.
Each print will be a linocut.
The print itself will be no larger than A5.
Each print will be a limited edition of 10.

Here is the December print:

The print is a three colour linocut.
Each print has been editioned and signed.
Paper size: 15cm x 22cm
Image size: 9cm x 15cm

The month of December brings festivities and light. Christmas, or Yuletide, is one of my absolute favourite celebrations. I've always found it a magical and exciting time. I love the pagan tradition of bringing a fir tree and evergreen foliage in to decorate the home. It has to be a real tree in our house, there is just something about the smell that adds to the magic. However, as much as I love bringing greenery into the home and filling it with natural delights, I also love to add a lot of bright decorations. Our tree has never been, and never will be a classy affair, it will forever be a celebration of colour!

I wanted to mix these elements, so chose to use fun bold colours, with natural forms. I picked the colour palette of red, teal and charcoal grey. Although colourful, it also has a cool feel with the blues and greys, representing the icy cold snowy (if we're lucky!) landscapes found in Britain in December.

Red berries were chosen as one of the only splashes of colour found naturally in gardens and hedgerows during this month. Thistles too with their silvery blue seed heads brought another pop of colour I was looking for. The fir is an important one for me and I felt cutting this out of the background grey gave a lovely intricate detail to break up this dark solid colour as well as giving the feeling of snow covered boughs.

Bold red stripes adorn the vase, simple, but I felt still celebratory. The grid and dot pattern of the foreground is reminiscent of wrapping paper, but despite wanting to add a little pattern here, I also didn't want it to detract from the detailed shapes of the foliage, which are the real stars of the show.

Each print is hand burnished using a wooden spoon. I use oil based inks for their longevity and vibrant colour.

*The pictures are to illustrate design and colour. Due to the nature of the printing process, all prints have slight variations in depth of colour and placement.*

Sold unframed.

Sold Out